A Young Carer is a child under 18 who regularly helps to look after a family member or friend who is disabled, ill, has a mental health condition or addiction problem.

At Greenfield E-ACT Academy we are aware that some of our pupils are young carers and that they may need additional support to maximise their potential. Therefore, we currently provide the following services for young carers:

  • · Drop in sessions to talk through any issues during breaktime
  • · Access to homework club at lunch time and after school
  • · Ability to use the school phone at break and lunch if needed
  • · Ensuring that staff are aware of how they can support young carers appropriate

Students can also receive support from:

Mrs Sarah Purnell – Young Carers Lead for Greenfield E-Act Academy

Also, their relevant pastoral manager: Mrs Suzie Asare who is the SENDCO

Please find below some information that may be useful to young carers, their families and to you to support them. I am aware that there is a lot of information being sent out at the moment, so I apologise if you have already received this.

The Carers Support Centre Website is being updated regularly and holds information on caring, food, health, local CV-19 support groups https://www.carerssupportcentre.org.uk/coronavirus-guidance-for-carers/

Food Aid has launched a central number 0117 352 3011 for anyone needing food aid. Families or Keyworkers can also use this and ring on behalf of individuals or families they are supporting too.

Everyone who is clinically vulnerable should have received a letter earlier this week. There are some issues if a address has recently changed, or someone is not living at the address which matches what the GP surgery holds on file etc. If this is the case people need to self register (or someone does this on their behalf) on the gov website if they have not received a letter:


Although it is not entirely clear at present precisely what this support will look like it is expected to include access to food parcels, support with collecting prescriptions, assistance to get to appointments if needed etc. The important thing is that they register and identify themselves to access this support when it comes.

Finally an article by on dealing with a pandemic as a young carer on https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/articles/3srPZbTKk26ZXPPSWyfd2lh/why-dealing-with-a-pandemic-as-a-young-carer-is-terrifying?fbclid=IwAR04dhUpJy5yn1FIkDJK5ZQtLs01NnmZyzTiIG9Ucek6EDr3Ag5YMuCfN24

You might also find the following websites useful:






If you wish to find out more, please contact Sarah Purnell, the Young Carers Coordinator on: 0117 3772191

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