The Thrive Approach focuses on the Social and Emotional wellbeing of our young pupils.  Supporting young children using Thrive enables them to develop into healthy, happy, confident children, who are then ready to be open to learning.

The Thrive Approach equips the children to work in either individual targeted ways or group targeted ways, to promote re-engagement with life and learning.

Our Thrive room and outdoor play area provides a space for Thrive interventions and the emotional wellbeing support of all Greenfield pupils.  It provides the children a calm, nurturing environment where they can access the support they need.

Mrs Purnell our School Learning Mentor is the Thrive Lead Practitioner for Greenfield, we also have 4 members of staff who are Thrive Practitioners.

Mrs Purnell is also Mental Health Lead for Greenfield, supporting children and parents.

The Thrive approach together with Thrive online helps us to support the children in making the best opportunities in life.

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