The Thrive Approach focuses on the Social and Emotional wellbeing of our pupils.  Supporting our children using Thrive, enables them to develop into healthy, happy, confident individuals who are then able to be access their learning.

We are proud to have Thrive embedded throughout our whole School. The “Thrive Approach” focuses on the Social and Emotional wellbeing of all of our children. Thrive at Greenfield enables our children to develop their happiness and confidence to grow emotionally, as well as becoming more confident learners.

At Greenfield, we have our main Thrive Room, Mini Thrive and also Tiny Thrive. Each room supports children to manage their Social, emotional and behavioural needs within a safe and supportive environment. Every pupil’s needs are personal and individual to them. The Thrive support that Greenfield offer, can be long term or short term and is based on each child’s needs. Thrive uses arts and play-based activities to develop a child’s healthy neural development and to promote a positive sense of self,  building optimal learning capacity.

Individual Thrive screens allow our practitioners to assess and interpret children’s behaviour, therefore identifying their particular developmental needs. This is often signalled by a child’s behaviour and allows us to choose appropriate, targeted interventions which are designed to meet those needs. We recognise that a child’s emotional state has a significant impact on the way they are able to think and act, profoundly affecting behavioural choices. Progress within this, helps individuals to get on with others and to be able to settle to their learning allowing children to achieve their full potential.

Mrs Sarah Purnell is our Thrive and Mental Health Lead.

Mrs Michelle Fitzpatrick is another licensed Thrive Practitioner.

In 2019 we were proudly awarded the Thrive Ambassador Status for the South West, for all of the amazing work we do to care and support every one of the pupils at Greenfield E-ACT Academy.

We welcome any visits to see our Thrive Rooms and to discuss how Greenfield can support your child’s emotional development through Thrive.

Mrs Purnell also completes 3 full class Thrive screens with Class Teachers. This enables her to clearly identify specific social and emotional needs of individual children within the classroom setting.

Greenfield E-ACT Academy has developed a strong Mental Health support system for all of our children, staff, parents and carers.
It is encouraged throughout the School, for all children to speak out and stay safe, and communicate with their trusted adults regarding any Mental Health support they may require.

Children here at Greenfield E-ACT Academy learn about feelings and emotions from a very young age. Each class are all actively involved in our “Zones of Regulation” This supports the children with the understanding of their emotions and feelings and also supports them by helping them recognise how they are feeling.


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