At Greenfield E-ACT Academy we believe that good pastoral support focuses on nurturing the individual needs of each and every child. We pride ourselves on building trusting relationships with all of our pupils and their families. We are a THRIVE school and work carefully to ensure that all of our children understand how to keep themselves safe and develop strategies to support their emotional needs. (Please see our THRIVE page).

Our latest OFSTED report stated ‘Staff at this school care deeply for their pupils’ (November 2019). All staff at Greenfield understand and promote the mental health and well being of our pupils and this underpins everything we do. We believe that if children feel they belong within our Academy, then their self-esteem is able to flourish because they feel valued and cared for. We understand the importance of enabling the voice of the child to be heard and the safeguarding of our children is paramount.

Supporting the pastoral needs of our pupils may involve working with external agencies. In these situations we ensure that a confidential, professional, non-judgemental and sensitive service is provided.


At Greenfield, we follow the Restorative Practice approach with managing behaviour. This encourages children to take responsibility for their own actions and to make amends where it is needed. Please see our Restorative Practice Guidance for more information.



Supporting Young Carers

Please click the button below to view our Young Carers Policy

Young Carers Policy


Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs

E-ACT is committed to ensuring that all students with medical conditions can access and enjoy the same opportunities as any other student and to ensuring that they are able to play a full and active role in school life, remain healthy and achieve their academic potential.

E-ACT will ensure that its academies implement and maintain an effective management system for the administration of medicines to all students in our care in order to ensure that appropriate support is provided to individual students with medical needs.

Please contact the school office if you have any questions regarding your child’s medical needs.

Here is a list of all staff who have full First Aid Training

  • Jayne Abrahams
  • John Palmer
  • Paul Froom
  • Kelly Rhodes
  • Sarah Purnell
  • Tom Chislett
  • Vikki Kett
  • Claire Morgan
  • Jenny Haycock
  • Marilyn Thomas

Paediatric First Aiders in EYFS:

Amy Carter, Annie Grist, Julie Winstone, Gail Knight, Gabriella Jankowska, Sarah Harvey, Jess Burge


Kelly Rhodes, Annie Grist, Chris Palmer, Jayne Abrahams, Ben Taverner, Stacey Mundy, Julie Hope, Gemma McKay, Jodie Mockridge, Kate Powell, Paul Froom, Bradley Deeney, Jonathan Fry, Faye Prior, Wendy Thorne, Rosie Nieters, Jennifer Haycock



Ben Taverner, Lisa Moore, Julie Winstone, Emma Best, Jayne Abrahams, Gabriella Jankowska, Laura Blackwell, Julie Hope, Rosie Nieters, Kelly Rhodes


Administration of medication trained:

All staff


Supporting Students with Medical Needs Policy


We use a range of local health professionals to train and assist school staff in dealing with medical conditions and administering medicine.

Please contact the office if you have a specific question regarding this or any element of our Medical Needs Policy.


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