Welcome to year 6 at Greenfield !

Polar Bears
Teacher – Miss Manning

Grizzly Bear
Teacher – Miss Jay

Sun Bears
Teacher – Mr Atkins

We are the Year 6 teachers at Greenfield. We are passionate about making the children’s last year at primary school memorable, interesting and impactful. We also plan a great deal of fun activities and trips for later in the school year. Our most important task is ensuring our year 6 children are ‘secondary school ready’ by the summer term.

Miss Jay is the Year 5 and 6 phase leader and is based in Grizzly Bears’ class. Miss Manning is based with Polar Bears class and Mr Atkins is based with the Sun Bears but all three teachers teach a variety of the year 6 pupils for different subjects throughout the school day.

Homework is set on a Friday and due the following Thursday.

PE is currently on a Monday and Wednesday afternoon.



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