Our curriculum challenges and supports all pupils to reach their full potential in all subjects. We develop their strengths and support them to progress in areas that they find challenging.

Our teaching staff work in teams to cover the essential curriculum subjects. Our team approach to topic learning ensures that our curriculum is broad and balanced, and that regular links are made between areas of learning; we know that this is how children learn best.

Our curriculum evolves each year to suit the needs of our pupils, and although topics may start with a similar stylus, we are more than happy for our children to work with their teachers to direct where their learning journeys take them.

To find out more about the curriculum our school is following please contact the Office or speak to your child’s class teacher.

Curriculum for Early Years

Curriculum for Years 1 and 2

Curriculum for Years 3 and 4

Curriculum for Year 5 and 6

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At Greenfield we have been developing the teaching of Mathematics, in particular we have focussed on our approach to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to master all aspects of mathematics. Lesson are delivered by focussing on the 3 over-arching aims of the National Curriculum: Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving, this ensures that children have a deep understanding of concepts before moving on.

We use Times Tables Rockstars to promote the fluency of multiplication skills. Your teacher will give your child their login username and password – you can login by clicking here.

Mathletics is also used to promote the practice of key Maths skills. Children can play Maths games independently or compete against friends. Again your teacher will provide you with your child’s login and you can access Mathletics by clicking here.

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