E-ACT’s Great Western curriculum intent statement

At Greenfield E-ACT Academy, our staff have been working closely with five other E-ACT academies within our region to create an exciting curriculum to suit our pupils.

The name we chose for our curriculum is E-ACT’s Great Western Curriculum to pay homage to where it has been created and to link with the values that underpin our curriculum.

To view E-ACT’s Great Western Curriculum statement, please click here:

E-ACT’s Great Western Curriculum Statement


Greenfield E-ACT Academy intent statement


  • To provide the children of Greenfield EACT Academy with a broad, balanced and rich curriculum that inspires learning and challenges children to reach their full potential: opening minds, opening doors. At Greenfield E-ACT Academy we value each child as an individual and unique member of our community with their own potential for learning and development. 
  • Our curriculum inspires learning both inside and outside of the classroom and promotes our belief that all children are lifelong learners.  
  • We design our curriculum to be relevant and personalised, reflecting the backgrounds of our pupils but also exposing them to new experiences and helping them to seek out new learning opportunities as well as develop knowledge and skills for their future life choices.  
  • We strive towards developing self-confidence in our children and to promote their moral, physical and social well-being. Our curriculum is designed to ensure the E-ACT values of ‘doing the right thing’, ‘thinking big’ and ‘team spirit’ underpin all that we do. 
  • To remove significant barriers to learning to enable all pupils to reach their potential, regardless of their starting point.  
  • To ensure that meaningful links are made through a cross curricular approach that both inspires and engages children to write well whilst learning key knowledge and skills about the topic.   
  • We adopt an approach that celebrates diversity in society and looks to national and international influences to enrich the learning experience, which is delivered through carefully planned and sequenced progressive lessons building upon prior knowledge and skills.    
  • We teach the curriculum in such a way that makes the learning meaningful for children, enabling problem-solving across all subjects with real-world application of the learning process.  We meticulously teach and plan for progression of skills and knowledge throughout the curriculum that will prepare the children for a wide range of further education, courses and careers in their later life.  We work with the community to offer a range of enriching learning experiences, such as an inter-generational project with the early years.  
  • To ensure that all children, in all subject areas make at least good progress. 


  • We have strong curriculum leadership driven by our subject leads. All subjects are taught discretely with P.E. being taught by specialist coaches. The P.S.H.E curriculum is delivered through the Jigsaw scheme and the R.E. curriculum is delivered through the Discovery R.E. scheme and we ensure we tailor these learning experiences to the needs of our children. We are dedicated team and ensure that schemes do not restrict learning opportunities. 
  • Our knowledge rich curriculum provides our learners with the schema necessary to challenge prior misconceptions.  We sequence the work so that knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before with a robust assessment of pupil knowledge and pupils work. We have an ambitious and challenging framework with clear objectives and success criteria which help pupils to understand important ideas, concepts and procedures.  
  • We promote an ethos of continued professional development for our educators.  Subject focused staff meetings concentrate on improving all teachers’ subject knowledge, pedagogical knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge.  
  • We plan for sequential learning which considers individual needs and rates of progress.  
  • We monitor progress through a careful and balanced approach to observation and assessment.  We use efficient and effective techniques which enable our teachers to check pupils’ learning and provide targeted support as needed. We then use this assessment to inform future planning.  
  • Significant changes have been made to the curriculum. Curriculum leads have worked together with class teachers to ensure that there is coverage and development of knowledge, skills and vocabulary for each subject. These have ensured that developments in all subjects are consistent across the school and that meaningful links are made to develop understanding.  
  • Local community links with Bristol City Football Club, Knowle West Media Centre, The Robins Foundation and Bristol 600 residential home allow children to have broad and varied learning opportunities.  We have had visits from Natwest, Marital Arts demonstrations, Bristol Fire Service, Shelter homeless charity, Alzheimer’s charity, which has engaged and inspired our children. We also have a strong link with our local PCSO who routinely visits and delivers workshops and assemblies.  
  • The Senior Leadership Team have ensured that developments are reviewed on a regular basis and that next steps are identified and implemented quickly. This is achieved via our robust curriculum development and assessment processes. 
  • Ensuring children have regular access to specialist provision, e.g. music, art, design technology, computing, MFL (French), RE and PE shows the importance placed on the wider curriculum in our curriculum offer.  
  • Ensuring children have regular opportunities to take part in learning beyond the classroom shows the importance placed on the wider curriculum in our curriculum offer e.g. subject specialist visitors such as: the explorer dome, STEM scientists, drama with the Young Shakespeare company, career fayres, sports coaching, local inter and intra sporting events, choir performances and the Greenfield’s got talent show. The pandemic has not stopped us delivering these opportunities to learn beyond the classroom and we have had our talent competition and careers fayre delivered virtually.  
  • Maths mastery is embedded through the curriculum, providing pupils with daily challenge and opportunities to reason, by using and applying maths concepts.   
  • Knowledge organisers are used to ensure that children have access to relevant information and lessons can then focus on skills and understanding.  
  • The E-ACT passport runs alongside our curriculum model and passport activities are identified through topic planning to be achieved. All children are given the opportunity to achieve all year group E-ACT passport targets during an academic year.  
  • Engaging parents/ carers in our Greenfield curriculum through events such as open days, curriculum engagement sessions, subject specific parent workshops (phonics, reading, maths, writing, online safety), celebrations of learning assemblies, learning within the community (EYFS stay and plays, Academy Ambassador involvement in Governance Review Days) and acquiring parent volunteers. During learning time when children have been unable to access the school site, we are able to offer a seamless transition onto our virtual school whereby our curriculum is continued so that no learning time is lost. 
  • Our Academy Ambassadors play an active role at Greenfield. This year, projects include participation at Governance Review Days, development of a curriculum careers day, a period poverty project, involvement in reading and volunteering with Inns Court Community and Family Centre.  
  • Promoting special WOW days off timetable focusing on different curriculum areas and ensuring children have regular access to specialist provision, e.g. music, drama, art and sport, both inspire and deepen learning and shows the value placed on the wider curriculum.  
  • The Thrive provision, which is an essential part of supporting the mental well-being of our children. We are leaders in the Thrive approach and are incredibly proud of the work that we undertake. Our children are happy and able to learn. 
  • The vast array of extra-curricular clubs we have on offer including science club, cricket, netball, cookery and drama show the emphasis placed on developing a love for learning beyond the curriculum.  



  • Our pupils love coming to school and enjoy learning.   
  • Because of our rigorous curriculum, learners develop detailed knowledge and skills across the curriculum. 
  • A high percentage of our pupils achieve well at our academy and leave Greenfield E-ACT Academy ready for the next stage of education. 
  • Pupils at Greenfield E-ACT Academy are engaged in their learning, like to talk about what they are learning and continue their learning beyond the classroom.  
  • Behaviour for learning is positive at our academy.   
  • Through our broad, balanced and rich curriculum we ensure that Fundamental British Values and SMSC are becoming embedded. This takes place during our Jigsaw P.S.H.E. sessions, workshops and weekly assemblies as well as being linked into other subjects through cross curricular learning.  
  • Our children are developing their knowledge and understanding of the rich, cultural heritage of modern Britain.    
  • We continually monitor the impact of our curriculum through triangulation of outcomes: pupil voice, data, planning, monitoring of books and learning environments, learning walks and discussions with key stakeholders.  
  • Our curriculum will look slightly different for each child and will ensure that they are well rounded students, ready to embark on the next stage of their education. Our aim is to equip them with the skills to achieve success in their lives. Pupils will have an understanding of what they are good at and have developed skills to face challenges. 

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