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Our Approach to Curriculum 


At Greenfield, we have a strong vision: we want our pupils to leave primary school with independence, confidence, resilience and a strong sense of morality. We use our curriculum to encourage pupils to learn to interactive positively with a variety of cultures and ways of life. We encourage the pupils to develop their self-identity and have high expectations of their strength, bravery and intellect.  

We strive to provide opportunities for positive expression and coherent communication through literacy lessons such as reading and writing, as well as using stem sentences and enquiry-based learning across the other curriculum subjects, as we know that our pupils need and deserve high-quality exposure to, and immersion in, language and vocabulary.  

Every member of staff demonstrates our academy and British values. We discuss academy values – perseverance, resilience, integrity and consideration – with the pupils weekly and present whole-school assemblies on the British values of tolerance, mutual respect and individual liberty. Each of our weekly PSHE lessons focus on one British value so that they are interwoven throughout our provision. We demonstrate the British value of democracy by holding pupil votes for School Council representatives, Safeguarding Champions, Head Girl and Head Boy.  

Instilling a love of learning is integral to our curriculum planning. Teachers plan reading and writing lessons around high-quality and age-appropriate fiction, non-fiction and poetry texts. As English is a popularly-used language around the world, we have high ambitions that our pupils will be able to fluently read and write by the end of Key Stage 2 to the expected standard in order to prepare them to use it in the wider world.  

Our science, technology and mathematics curriculum planning is broken into components and encourages enquiry, reasoning, problem solving and oracy as pupils’ schemas build from lesson to lesson, year group to year group and key stage to key stage.  

Humanities subjects impart high levels of knowledge about the world and how our pupils will fit into it. This encourages them to see from other perspectives and build their own self-esteem when meeting new people from a range of backgrounds and life experiences, as well as inspiring curiosity about the way the world works.  

Our PSHE, RSE and RE curricula give opportunities and strategies to build pupils’ resilience and belief in themselves, as well as learning the rule of law and its importance including the rights of the child around their learning, safety, bodily development and physical health, diet, and healthy relationships with others.   

The expressive arts subjects give children safe environments to express themselves as well as fostering fascination around local and worldwide famous creative people who they can emulate and model their own artwork, musical compositions and designs around. Children are encouraged to mark and express their learning and emotions in a range of different media, which we take pride in displaying around our corridors.  

When pupils enter our school, they require opportunities to take risks in a safe environment; support when exploring boundaries; inspiration and motivation to succeed. We strive to provide that with our curriculum offer partnered with our extracurricular visitors, trips and after-school clubs.  

Parental involvement 

We know that parental involvement is key to successful outcomes for children; parents are regularly invited into school to be part of their children’s learning journeys and share in their successes. We have open classrooms throughout year which are held during different times of the school day so that as many parents and carers can attend as possible. This is an opportunity to complete an activity during lesson time with your child and to see their classroom and books. We also hold three parents’ evenings per year so you can discuss your child’s progress with their class teacher. 

In addition to this, we have a community hub that offers coffee hours and workshops. The community hub schedule includes visitor speakers and workshops run by teachers, for example on online safety and phonics. For information on what is coming up, please contact the school office. 

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